ReadySetDrive is a Canadian website that covers all things automotive. We offer news and opinions on cars with the buyer in mind. We don’t regurgitate vehicle specs that can be found on a car manufacturer website. Instead, we try to provide an honest and useful assessment of new cars. Whether it be a gem or a total lemon, we call them as we see them. You won’t find car company ads or car dealership ads here. We don’t even accept donations from companies that could create a conflict of interest. A strong sense of ethics is one of the most important aspects of what we do.

ReadySetDrive believes in full disclosure. Unless stated otherwise, the cars tested here are loaned to us by the manufacturers. Press cars are loaned for a one week period, freshly detailed, and with a full tank of gas. The content of the reviews is not subject to approval by the car manufacturers.


Shari Prymak – Founder / Editor in Chief

Shari holds Bachelor degrees (BSc and BEd) from the University of Toronto and York University respectively. He has published over one hundred articles on many aspects of the automobile industry. His work has appeared on automobile websites as well as in consumer oriented newsletters. As well as working in print and the internet, Shari has hosted, and been interviewed on, programs on both television and radio. His expertise on the auto industry has been sought by major newspapers, such as the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. As a member of the Car Help Canada team, Shari’s experience as an automobile expert has also helped countless consumers with many aspects of automobile ownership.