The Cars Owners Keep for 10 Years or More

It’s no secret that Japanese cars generally have a strong reputation for reliability. Honda and Toyota regularly top just about every list for dependability testing. Just about every mechanic too will tell you that a Japanese brand is the way to go if your goal is to own a trouble-free car for the long-haul.

A new report from iSeeCars seems to support these claims. They release a list of vehicles that most consumers hold onto for 10 years or more. The list is dominated by Toyota and Honda models, with the only other models being a Lexus RX (a Toyota product) and a Subaru Forester. The top vehicles on the list are the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota Prius, and Toyota Highlander. As far as brands go, the list of brands that consumers are most likely to hold onto for 10 years or more starts with Toyota, Honda, and Subaru. Korean brands Hyundai and Kia made the 5th and 7th spots on the list. The only domestic brand to make the list was GMC, which just squeezed in at number 10.

So the bottom line is that if you plan on buying a vehicle to own for the long-haul, Japanese brands, particularly Toyota and Honda, seem to be the way to go. See the full lists of vehicles below:

Top 10 Cars Owners Keep for At Least 10 Years

Rank Car % Original Owners Keeping Car for 10+ Years Compared to Average
1 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 32.1% 2.5x
2 Toyota Prius 32.0% 2.5x
3 Toyota Highlander 29.0% 2.2x
4 Toyota Sienna 28.7% 2.2x
5 Honda Pilot 27.2% 2.1x
6 Honda CR-V 25.2% 2.0x
7 Toyota RAV4 24.9% 1.9x
8 Subaru Forester 24.2% 1.9x
9 Lexus RX (hybrid) 24.1% 1.9x
10 Honda Odyssey 24.0% 1.9x
Average for All Cars 12.9%

Top 10 Brands Owners Keep for at Least 10 Years

Rank Brand % Original Owners Keeping Car for 10+ Years Compared to Average
1 Toyota 22.2% 1.7x
2 Honda 20.2% 1.6x
3 Subaru 19.1% 1.5x
4 Acura 17.8% 1.4x
5 Hyundai 17.4% 1.4x
6 Lexus 16.5% 1.3x
7 Kia 15.1% 1.2x
8 Mazda 14.2% 1.1x
9 Nissan 13.5% 1.0x
10 GMC 13.0% 1.0x
Average for All Cars 12.9%

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