VIDEO: 2018 Mercedes-AMG E43 vs 2017 Genesis G80 Sport

The Mercedes-AMG E43 is a very impressive mid-sized luxury sedan. Some have criticized it for not being a proper AMG product, but the truth is that it strikes a near-perfect balance between performance and comfort that just about anyone can appreciate. There are those who want most of the performance and handling capability of an AMG, but don’t want the high price or compromises to daily usability. For them the AMG E43 is an excellent choice. Read our full test drive here.

The Mercedes has a number of competitors, one of which includes a relative newcomer on the block, the Genesis G80 Sport. Compared to the E43, the G80 Sport isn’t quite as opulent or feature heavy, nor can it match the straight-line performance or handling offered by the AMG. What the G80 Sport has going for it, however, is an incredibly spacious and comfortable ride combined with user-friendliness and brisk performance. It also offers a unique online purchase and delivery program, which even includes pick-up and drop-off for routine service. The real benefit of the Genesis though is its much lower price, which is much lower than not just the Mercedes, but just about every competing mid-sized luxury sedan.

The Mercedes-AMG E43 is nice, but if you can’t quite make the leap, there’s no shame in picking the G80. It’s an impressive car. Watch the full review below to learn more.