The Acura TLX is a bit of a tough sell at the moment. The somewhat forgotten near-luxury sedan has been given a boost for 2018 with a new A-Spec appearance package, but even that is not enough to save it from increasing irrelevancy.

There’s not a whole lot wrong with the TLX as a car. It looks pretty sharp. The available V6 engine and Acura’s “super handling all-wheel drive” system offer excellent performance. Resale value, safety, and reliability are all top notch. And it is also great value for money. A well equipped TLX will easily cost thousands less than the equivalent German sedan. The interior is nowhere near as premium feeling as it should be for a car in this segment, and it is also held back by a pretty awful infotainment system, but overall, it’s a solid entry-level luxury sedan.

The problem is that the TLX has been made redundant by a member within its own family: the 2018 Honda Accord. Aside from the optional V6 engine and all-wheel drive, there isn’t a single thing that the TLX offers or does better than the Accord. In fact, the Accord does many things better than the TLX, including having a proper, up-to-date infotainment system. It also manages to do just about everything better while costing several thousands of dollars less.

Mainstream cars such as the Accord have gotten so incredibly good that they are putting a lot of pressure on many entry-level luxury cars, not just the TLX. While most others have a fancier badge to save them, Acura seems to have just lost interest. It will be interesting to see what Acura decides to do with the TLX down the road. Hopefully they’ll differentiate it a bit more from the Accord with a more luxurious look and feel, because the Accord too has nowhere to move but up. Check out this video by The Straight Pipes for a more in-depth look at the TLX V6 SH-AWD A-Spec.